More about Simple

A powerful and robust platform, Simple has the flexibility to configure to various industry compliance requirements, in Australia and overseas.


Simple gives our clients improvements in compliance and efficiencies. Many of the benefits are tangible, however, Simple also provides additional value:

+     Accurate and responsive food-poisoning-allegation investigation and data retrieval 

+     High-level compliance overview and instant daily reporting

+     Faster and effective food-safety task reporting

+     Risk mitigation and increased corporate due-diligence

+     Marketing advantage and industry leading innovation

+     Simplification of food-safety compliance monitoring

+     Relevant and effective employee training

+     Ability to conduct remote regulatory audits easily and effectively

+     Direct cost savings from increased efficiencies and improved productivity

+     Increased consumer satisfaction and choice with Simple’s consumer meal-ordering modules.


Simple is 100% Australian owned and operated and is supported by a team of dedicated experts who are driven by our client-centred approach. Local support is available 7 days a week as part of our ongoing commitment to our valued clients.


We look forward to building a lasting partnership with your organisation and working to support you and your team in your transition to digital compliance.

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